Ale Yeah! 8th Anniversary Sat June 1st!

Ale Yeah! 8th Anniversary Sat June 1st!

All right brain, I don’t like you and you don’t like me – let’s do this and I’ll get back to killing you with beer.

Homer Simpson

Eight years, holy crap where has the time gone! For most of us straight to our midsection but that’s a fight for another day. Today we are invading your *me* time to let you know about some exciting times at the shop. First off, we’ve gone through some significant changes and have a gosh darn honest to goodness bar in the shop and are officially pouring pints/drams/snifters/tasters/boots/totches, well, you get the gist.

We’ll also be bringing in mobile food vendors to keep your bellies sated while soaking up the suds as well. Our first two pop up events with El Tesoro went amazing! Another is scheduled Tuesday, June 4th and we have others lined up as well. Fret not, we’re still a world class bottle shop, but now you can have your pastry stout and drink it too!

On Saturday, June 1st for our 8th Anniversary bash we’ve stocked a ton of great kegs to whet the whistle and our old friend Jert has designed a killer limited ‘Atlanta Brewnited’ scarf to commemorate this special day. Doggy Dogg will be on site from 12-5 slingin all things hot dogs and other delicacies that nestle between a bun. Keith and friends from Poppa Corns will be making us a special batch of Birthday Cake popcorn for the event as well! The following will be tapped when the doors open:

* Twain’s & Ale Yeah! collabeeration ‘Vulgar Display of Barley’ 11% English Barleywine. Stronger than all!

* Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen & Ale Yeah! collabeeration ‘RammStein’ 5.5% Dry-Hopped Kolsch. Brew.. brew hast, brew hast mich!

* Three Taverns & Ale Yeah! collabeeration ‘Blood Brothers’ 6.5% Red IPA. Just like a mirror reflecting the moves of your life, and in the river reflections of me…

* Eventide ‘Anniversary Ale (2019)’, 9.5% Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout

* Creature Comforts ‘Dayspring (2017)’, 5.3% Grisette

* Three Taverns ‘Inceptus (2017)’, 6% American Wild Ale

* Atlanta Brewing Company ‘Post-bel-lum’, 10.5% Woodford Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout

* Hubbard’s Cave ‘Coco Van’, 12% Imperial Stout w coconut & vanilla

* Une Année ‘Le Grande Monde 2018-11’, 7.5% Barrel Aged Wild Ale w black raspberries

* Jester King ‘Detritivore’, 5.5% Wild Saison w spent cherries from their exquisite ‘Montmorency vs. Balaton’ fermented into a younger beer for a light & delicate treat.

* Monday Night ‘Spectral Frog’ , 7.5% New England IPA aged in foeders

* Wrecking Bar ‘Big Slurp’ , 8.3% Imperial IPA

*Good Word Brewing ‘Lizards of Suburbia’, 9% DISSOLVR collab Imperial Stout brewed w hazlenuts, vanilla beans and cocoa nibs.

*Second Self ‘Ancient Daemons Beacon Forth’ 8.2% Oak Aged Brett Pale Ale

*Torched Hop ‘Coddiwomple’ something, something, something IPA

*Founder’s ‘Curmudgeon’s Better Half’ 12.7% Old Ale aged in maple bourbon barrels w molasses

*Westbrook ‘Mexican Cake’, 10.5% Imperial Stout w cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon & habanero peppers

*Creature Comforts ‘Galactic Space Circus’ 6.5% Out of this world IPA

This list should be enough to get you camped out overnight, eagerly awaiting the doors to open! We have but 100 of the sweet ‘Atlanta Brewnited’ scarves available so join us early Saturday, June 1st as we throw a birthday party for ourselves, with all you good people. Bring cake! And pie!

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